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Chairman's Message

For over 40 years, Ergenekon Casting Industries is one of the true pioneers of Turkey's casting industry with its superior technical infrastructure, expertise and its production line certified with national and international quality standards.

To continue its leading role in today's world of continuously evolving technological, social and environmental awareness, Ergenekon Casting Industries is focused to further improve its existing capabilities with innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. In order to achieve its objectives, Ergenekon has concentrated on three major work areas.

  • Using advanced technologies for developing materials and adaptation of production processes
  • Acquiring most advanced quality certification for all manufacturing and testing processes.
  • Developing exceptionally environmentally aware manufacturing, testing and evaluation procedures.

Ergenekon Casting Industries recognizes the importance of qualified workforce and company wide support for adaptation of advanced technologies as part of its strategic vision. In this regard, Ergenekon not only organizes numerous educational and development activities for its workforce, but also takes part in research and development projects that are supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Small and Middle Sized Business Development and Support Agency (KOSGEB).

Knowing the importance of total production and process quality certification for manufacturing operations using advanced technologies, Ergenekon Casting Industries has already acquired most of the recognized quality certifications in the world.

Ergenekon Casting Industries aims to further develop environmentally aware manufacturing, testing and evaluation processes and has already achieved full compliance to all existing environmental and safety regulations. As part of its strategic vision, Ergenekon aims to minimize any and all environmental damage, injury and personal health affects resulting from its operations. In this regard, Ergenekon has already started certification procedures for ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 international standards.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, Ergenekon believes that a company wide support and participation is crucial. Therefore, Ergenekon identifies organizing educational and developmental activities for improving the total awareness of its workforce against ever evolving conditions as one if its main responsibilities.

Ergenekon Casting Industries will continuously improve its technologically advanced and environmentally friendly infrastructure. We are determined to provide the most appropriate solutions to our customers using most advanced technologies and will continue being one of the pioneers of casting industry of Turkey in the coming ages.

Best Regards,