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Total Area: 9500 m²

Covered Area: 4600 m²

Employees: 100

Maximum Net Casting Weight:8500 Kg / Piece

Annual Capacity :10000 Tons / Year

Principles at the company have been involved in casting, heat treatment and machining in the casting industry for over 40 years. Knowledge and understanding of materials and machining, combined with experience in research and development, makes Ergenekon Steel Casting and Trade Inc a company with the necessary ability to take an idea from 2-D technical drawing, through 3-D product design and ultimately into full production. Ergenekon Steel Casting and Trade Inc is the manufacturer and trader of a range of unique, high quality castings for use in Cement, Marine, Mining, Crushing, Quarry, Chemistry, Construction, Energy, Food, Iron and Steel, Machinery and Paper Industries.

Ergenekon Steel Casting and Trade Inc is involved in manufacture of Plain Carbon, Low and High Alloy, High Manganese ( Hadfield ), Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant ( Stainless ), Impact Resistant, Wear Resistant Steel Castings and High Alloy White Cast Irons, Gray Cast Irons, Nodular ( Ductile ) Cast Irons for these industries. These materials under exclusive manufacture are available for worldwide distribution. Casting Simulation and CAD facilities enable low cost prototyping and competitive production of client requirements.