Company Profile

Ergenekon Casting Industry & Trade Inc. was established in 1968. Principles at the company have been involved in Design, Engineering, Simulation, Quality Control, Casting, Heat Treatment and Machining in the Foundry Industry for over 50 years.

Knowledge and understanding of materials and production technologies, combined with experience in research and development, makes Ergenekon Inc. a company with the necessary ability to take an idea from 2-D technical drawing through 3-D product design and ultimately into the final product.

Ergenekon Inc. is a Design, Engineering, Quality Control and Trading Company of a range of Unique, High Quality Machined Cast Components for use in:

  • Cement & Gypsum
  • Chemistry
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Incineration
  • Iron & Steel
  • Machinery
  • Marine
  • Mining, Crushing and Quarry
  • Paper
  • Railroads Industries

Our company is involved in the supply of:

  • Plain Carbon Steel Castings,
  • Low Alloy Steel Castings,
  • Ultra High Strength Steel Castings,
  • Austenitic Manganese (Hadfield) Steel Castings,
  • Stainless (Corrosion Resistant) Steel Castings,
  • Heat-Resistant Steel Castings,
  • High Chromium White Cast Irons (Including Ni-Hard Castings),
  • Gray Iron Castings,
  • Nodular Iron Castings,
  • Aluminium Castings
  • Aluminium Welded Manufacturings
  • Investment Castings for the above Industries

These materials under exclusive Engineering and Quality Control capabilities are available for worldwide distribution.

CAD and Simulation facilities enable low cost prototyping and competitive production of client requirements.

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